Calendar - Scottish Ethnomethodology, Discourse, Interaction & Talk group
During semester we run fortnightly sessions. These are lunchtime meetings usually in Room S38, Psychology Building, George Square (though sometimes G10 in the Drummond Annex, Institute of Geography) which alternate between analysis of transcripts (from political speeches to family meals) and readings of classic texts in discursive psychology, ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. From time to time we run masterclasses and 1 or 2 day workshops with visiting experts in DP, CA and ethnomethodology.


Summer break =
25th Jun -- Pitching in a flower-market
11th Jun -- Daniel Lam -- School-based Assessment in Hong Kong
28th May -- Peiling Zhou - Danwei Feasts
14th May -- Samu Pehkonen - Performing record music live
16th April -- International Aid Workers
19th Mar -- Multi-party talk in doctor <-> patient & family member interaction
5th Mar -- Families in cars -- Chandrika Cycil from Brunel Uni.
19th Feb -- Data - Re-learning to drive - Mirka Rauniomaa. Liz Stokoe also joining us for the session.
5th Feb -- Reading session - Stefanie Schmachtel
22nd Jan -- NHS Complaints - Bethan Benwell


11th Dec -- Street performers
27th Nov -- Aid workers
13th Nov -- Three party medical interactions
30th Oct -- Data from Sally Wiggins on “recycled wigs”
16th Oct -- Reading group on membership categorisation analysis: Stokoe, E. H. (2012).
Moving forward with membership categorization analysis: Methods for systematic analysis. Discourse Studies, 14(3), 277–303. doi:10.1177/1461445612441534
2nd Oct -- Doing tasks on a photocopier 2
18th Sept -- Doing tasks on a photocopier (revisiting Lucy Suchman’s Xerox studies)
4th Sept -- Pedestrians using GPS on smartphones


26th June -- Street performers
12th June -- Parenting classes
29th May -- Reading group John Heritage on epistemics. Heritage, J. (2012). Epistemics in Action: Action Formation and Territories of Knowledge. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 45(1), 1–29. doi:10.1080/08351813.2012.646684, Heritage, J. (2012). The Epistemic Engine: Sequence Organization and Territories of Knowledge. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 45(1), 30–52. doi:10.1080/08351813.2012.646685
8th May -- Humanitarian workers - Alice Gritti - University Milano-Bicocca
24th Apr -- Interviews on sex - Pantea Farvid - Auckland University of Technology
27th Mar -- Keep your wig on - video diary of wig wearer
13th Mar -- Emo forums - ‘bored’ and ‘boring’
28th Feb -- Wimbledon centre court tennis spectators
14th Feb - Speed-dating data courtesy of Liz Stokoe
31st Jan - Language & Social Action
18th/19th --
Workshop on practitioner-client interaction and adherence to ART. Queen Margaret University College
Tues 17th Jan -- HIV carers interview accounts


Tues 6th Dec -- Consultations between a neurologist and patients with epilepsy/non-epileptic seizures
Tues 22nd Nov -- Readings on Doctor-Patient interaction: Pilnick, A., & Dingwall, R. (2011). On the remarkable persistence of asymmetry in doctor/patient interaction: A critical review. Social Science & Medicine, 72(8), 1374–1382. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2011.02.033, Stivers, T. (2002). Participating in decisions about treatment: overt parent pressure for antibiotic medication in pediatric encounters. Social Science & Medicine, 54, 1111–1130.
Tues 8th Nov -- Radio 4 debate on obesity
Tues 25th Oct--
Tues 11th Oct -- Football therapy sessions 4
Tues 27th Sept -- Interviewing on multi-lingual concerns
Tues 13th Sept -- Walk-offs on TV interviews
Tues 30th Aug --
Tues 16th Aug -- Football therapy sessions 3
Tues 2nd Aug -- Ken Clarke BBC interview
Tues 21st June -- Book group discussions
Tues 7th June -- Lecturer-Student interaction in supervision meetings
Tues 24th May -- Action replays in sports editing
Tues 10th May -- Mealtimes
Tues 26th Apr -- Asylum seekers 4
Tues 12th Apr -- Easter hols
Tues 29th March -- (Reading)
McHoul, A., Rapley, M., & Antaki, C. (2008). You gotta light? On the luxury of context for understanding talk in interaction. Journal of Pragmatics.
Tues 15th March -- Football therapy sessions 2
Tues 1st March --
Tues 15th Feb -- Football therapy sessions
Tues 1st Feb -- Asylum Seekers 3
Fri 21st Jan -- Family Mealtimes (lead by Alexa Hepburn & Jonathan Potter)
Tues 18th Jan -- Sustainability policies


Regular Meetings

Tues 14th Dec -- Opening Christmas presents
Tues 7th Dec -- Police using section 44 (part 2)
Tues 23rd Nov -- Visiting Expert - Gustav Lymer
Tues 16th Nov -- Refugees and asylum seekers (part 2)
Tues 2nd Nov -- Police using section 44
Tues 19th Oct -- (Reading) Harold Garfinkel - Chapter 2 of Studies in Ethnomethodology
Tues 5th Oct -- Disgust expressed through ‘eugh’ and ‘yuck’
Tues 21st Sept -- Refugees and asylum seekers

Tues 22nd June --
'We could even fade to black': competing proposals in the edit suite
Fri 11th June --
Interactional issues in telephone helplines - An all-day knowledge exchange workshop with guests from Loughborough University (DARG) and a number of helpline organisations
Tues 8th June -- Telephone helplines reading session
Thurs 27th May -- Group interactions at and around an augmented-reality exhibit
Tues 25th May -- (Reading) Billy Lee: PAPER: discussion of Larkin, M. (2006) "Giving voice and making sense in interpretative phenomenological analysis".
Tues 11th May -
Family mealtimes - An all day workshop with guests from Loughborough University (DARG) & Roehampton: Alexandra Craven, Laura Jenkins and Israel Beren
Tues 27th Apr -- (Reading) Bregje de Kok: PAPER: discussion of Willig’s paper on ethics, discursive psychology and health.
Tues 13th Apr -- Political speeches
Tues 30th Mar -- Family mealtimes
Tues 16th Mar -- ‘Are you religious’ questions and their answers
Tues 2nd Mar -- Political debates in Bahrain
Thurs 18th Feb -- Rock climbing (V) - All day workshop with guests from the University of Newcastle: Neil Jenkings and Tim Rapley
Tues 2nd Feb -- The Family Lost in London 2
Tues 26th Jan -- Marion’s data TBA
Wed 20th Jan -- Family meals
Tues 12th Jan -- Planning potential network/seminar funding


Regular Meetings

Tues 8th Dec -- (reading meeting) Potter, J. & Hepburn, A. (2005). Qualitative interviews in psychology – Problems and possibilities, Qualitative research in Psychology, 2, 38-5
Tues 24th Nov -- Political interviews - Invasion of Iraq
Tues 10th Nov -- Political interviews - Protestors in Lebanon
Wed 14th Oct -- Editing sports highlights
Wed 30th Sept -- Sports highlights editing (V)


Wed 24th June -- (Reading meeting) Eric Livingston ‘Ethnographies of Reason’, Ch14-18 (V)
Tues 16th June -- Technical problems reported on forums on Amazon (CD)
Wed 10th June -- (Reading meeting) Eric Livingston ‘Ethnographies of Reason’ Ch 4-7 (V)
Wed 3rd Jun -- Accounting for sick leave,
Marie Flinkfeldt, University of Uppsala, Liz Stokoe also visiting (CD)
Tuesday 26th May -- (Reading meeting) Eric Livingston ‘Ethnographies of Reason’ Ch 1-3 (V)
Wed 20th May -- SEDIT analyses a SEDIT meeting (V)
Tues 12th May -- Research project planning meeting (CD)
Tues 21st April -- European Neighbours Policy (CD)
Wed 1st April -- Beyonce’s ‘Put a ring on it’ (V)
Tues 24th Mar -- Counselling (CD)
Tues 17th Mar -- (Reading meeting) Levinon’s (2005) ‘Living with Manny’s Dangerous Idea’ & Schegloff’s (2002) ‘Between Micro & Macro’ (CD)
Wed 4th Mar -- A family getting lost in London (V)
Tues 24th Feb -- Newspaper reports - controversies (CD)
Tues 10th Feb -- Newspaper reports - ‘ordinary people’ (CD)
Wed 4th Feb -- Tim Dant will be visiting with video data of car mechanics at work (V)
Tues 27th Jan -- Uses of ‘ordinary people’ in newspaper articles (CD)
Wed 21st Jan -- Climbing rock faces (V)



Tues 9th Dec, Room G.10, CECS, Drummond Street Annex, High School Yards, University of Edinburgh
Seeing through screens, hearing through speakers: Managing distant studio space in television control room interaction
& 4.00-5.30 Data session

Regular Meetings
Wed 26th Nov -- Video editors and institutional talk (V)
Tues 18th Nov -- Characterising interviewer identity in cross-cultural interviews (CD)
Wed 12th Nov -- Software engineers Dojo (V)
Wed 5th Nov -- Perakyla A. Conversation Analysis and the Professional Stocks of Interactional Knowledge. Discourse & Society (2003) vol. 14 (6) pp. 727-750
Wed 29th Oct -- Concierges 1 - rhythms of walking & talking (V)
Tues 21st Oct -- Obesity groups 2 - (CD)
Wed 9th Oct -- Watching football on TV 2 (V)
Tues 7th Oct -- Obesity groups (CD)
Tues 23rd Sept -- Reading Schegloff and Billig’s debate (CD)
Thurs 18th Sept -- Watching football on TV (V)
Tues 9th Sept -- Political & religious speeches (CD)

Suggestions welcome.

Contact either Claire, Sue or Eric.