5.5 Why replay?

Analysing video fragments may involve watching them around ninety times or more; from first viewings until you complete your research write-up on them. The repeated viewing of what are, often, very ordinary activities leads to an engagement that is close to knowing a poem by heart. A peculiar thing to do with something so ordinary it would seem, except that, one does then begin to open things to serious investigation that are usually obscured by their very familiarity.

Moreover in each viewing one comes upon what one has forgotten, or missed, or comes to now seem more obvious, or more obscure, since the last viewing. By this repetition you might also want to argue that we are departing from the involvement of the participants in the original setting. You would be quite right to do so, it is in this departure that we are doing our investigations and that is our peculiar work. It is a departure that constantly returns us to the very scene though that we otherwise usually leave forever when studying it, be that studying it by interview, statistical summary or theoretical illustration.