5.11 Having a go

Because the video fragment we will analyse below is from a less obvious and public situation than the cafe in the core section, it requires a short introduction. One of the families participating in a study of car travel have been travelling across London following the directions from the mother ‘J’, who is also the passenger. As they near the end of the shortcut that J directed them along, she cannot find a final right turn that they need to make to reach their destination. The father (S) is sitting in the driving seat, and the daughter is sitting in the rear of the car behind the driver.

Remember, from what we suggested in the core section, that at this point you should have quickly noted down what it was you saw when you first watched the clip. After setting down that basic description you then need to watch it two or three times more before getting started on the next stage of the analysis.

Compared to the the previous video recording of the cafe customers we have a great deal more being said in this car journey. With the original video recording still in mind, we will also draw upon a Jeffersonian transcript of what was being said:

Stacks Image 1611

A first question, as we shift back to the recording, might then be from the first two lines of dialogue:
Stacks Image 1615

Q: What has made the driver ‘sure’ at this point and where is the ‘here’ that they are at?

What should be visible in the video recording is that there is a fence running up the middle of the road. It is a fence that has only just appeared at this point in driving up this road. Earlier when they began looking for a right turn on this road, there was no fence in the middle. “Up ‘ere” marks this later section of the road they are now on.